Strange microphone bug

Well hello,

I’ve experienced a strange bug with the TS3 Mobile App. As every day I joined on the TeamSpeak Server of some of my friends but as I started speaking everyone startet screaming, because my voice sounded like an helicopter taking off.
I don’t know why this bug is occurring but because of it I’m unable to use the TS Mobile app normally.
I’m currently using an IPhone 12 with IOS 14.3 and it’s occurring with every microphone i use but only in TeamSpeak not in other apps.
I’ve already tried: restarting my device, changing my headphones, switching the Speaking Mode and using a different Server.

here’s a little preview how I sound

I hope somebody can help me with this problem.


Reinstalling also doesn’t help.

I‘ve found what caused the Problem, it was the Noise detection from IOS wich i activated when I played a bit with the settings.

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