Strangers connected to my server without forwarded port


On Saturday I was setting up a TS server on my Ubuntu machine and on Sunday I was checking it, if the process is still alive and suddenly I was able to see 4 strangers on my server!

I checked our router-settings immediately: the only ports forwarded were HTTP, HTTPS, Minecraft
Then I started to panic! I tried to reach my server from outside with my phone but I got an error. TS’ port was closed at that time!
After that I started to panic even more and shutdown my server.

Please help me explaining this or I have to purge my server due to a hacking attack :frowning:

How can someone connect to my TS which was just set up, no ports forwarded and for myself not reachable from outside??

Thank you for your fast reply.

I got TS3service running under a ts3 user with no sudo rights and also disabled login when I created this user.
In the home-directory of this user there is a log folder. Do you mean these logs?

I never thought about the firewall because I thought, that when the port is not forwarded to the server, nobody can reach it!
So how could they reach my server when I was not able to reach it?

I put them on Google Drive if that’s allright with you:

Sorry but some of the uploaded files are useless, I uploaded all but server is offline since I think 3 o’clock in the morning.
The client with the out of date ID was myself… don’t know why this happened.

I shut the server down, this was my action.
Sometimes I restart because of other things and last night I tried to restart only TS to see if they reconnect.

Yes, I wondered why I could see nothing. Don’t know why log level isn’t better on default… -.-

I connect to my server without forwareded ports because I am in the same network.

Thank you for your help!

I got something that I want to mention now:
In my router I tried a few things regarding to port-forwarding…
Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work.
I just deleted the “disabled” TS forwarding rule and it stopped working hahaha
Then I made a new rule for TS -> started working again xD

So the ISP’s modem-router thing is just shit!

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