[Style] Better Default - extended & improved theme for TeamSpeak 3

(I’ve deleted the first thread because it wasn’t finished and I couldn’t really edit it…)

I’d like to present a Style for the TeamSpeak 3 Client!
I’ve made a Style some months ago, I guess it was in the middle of 2019… somewhere in Summer… like August. These days ago, I’ve just made a Style which is comparable with the default TeamSpeak 3 Style but there’s just a few great and maybe useful things, which I’ve built into the Style.

Also I’ve never publicated this Style, because it was only for special peoples which I actually gave them. But now I just decided to publicate it, so maybe some peoples are able to use it too!

Let’s start…

This TS3 Style just got some new features built in, and it’s also UP-2-DATE! (3.5.0 beta is also in!)
I’ll start to list some features, sorted to the Info-Frames.


  • Channel Name
  • Channel Full Name (also includes [spacer] for example)
  • Channel Icon
  • Channel ID
  • Channel Creation ID (Order)
  • Audio Codec
  • Audio Bitrate
  • Properties
  • Current Clients
  • Moderated (YES/NO)
  • Needed Talk Power
  • Audo Transmission (shows the encryption)
  • Open File Browser (will open the file browser directly after one click)
  • Channel Description


  • Username
  • Version (Full, Short & Version Channel)
  • Platform
  • Online since
  • Volume Modifier
  • Client ID
  • Client UUID
  • Client Database-ID
  • Client myTeamSpeak-ID (shows only to registed users on myTeamSpeak)
  • First Connected
  • Last Connected
  • Total Connections
  • Country (Text)
  • Country (Flag)
  • Client “Away” (AFK) message
  • Client requested Talkpower message
  • Client requested Talkpower time (displayed)
  • [NEW] Badge Showcase


  • Server Name
  • Registed Nicknames
  • Address & Port
  • Version
  • Platform
  • License
  • Uptime
  • Server Icon
  • Server UUID/UID
  • (Server) ID
  • Current Clients example: (24/64 (-3 reserved))
  • Current Queries
  • Total Client Connections
  • Total QueryConnections
  • Current Channel

You can download this addon HERE:

[!] A new version is available! CHECK IT >> HERE <<.
[!] A new version is available! CHECK IT >> HERE <<.
[!] A new version is available! CHECK IT >> HERE <<.

Here are also some pictures below!


love it :blue_heart: :green_heart:


how to install?


Looks great on the first view, well done! :smiley:


You need to press the big “DOWNLOAD” button. ^^

Here’s it again:

Once you did it, you see a little box - it’s the TeamSpeak installer.
It looks like this:

You just need to press on INSTALL, and that’s it! :slight_smile:


i dont have this
it shows a zip


It should be a .ts3_style file… try this link here.
I guess there’s a mistake on your package installer.

I’ve added it into a RAR file now.


Wow! Very thnanks! :heart_eyes:
But i do not use Light Themes, i use only dark themes.
Can you create the BetterDefault with a dark background and white font too?


OMG It’s looking very coool


Hey there… Thanks for your feedback!

Sadly - I didn’t really work on a dark theme on this example, but I was also thinking of it. So it may be possible, that there will be a dark background too! :top:

So lets stay tuned!


Nice, i already subscribed the topic :wink:


This add-on is now available on myTeamSpeak too! All updates will also be there in the future.

Thank you so much!
Finally i got the client & channel info again.
This makes it so much easier to manage users, bots and channels


thanks for your feedback!
that’s the main purpose of this plugin^^

I’ve submitted a new update!
Better Default v. 1.6

What’s new?

+added a smooth chat

The chat-line will have a smoother box, which is also rounded by an border.
Hover/Press effects are available as well!


+added combo box / re-style

All the combo-boxes in your client are modified!
Drop-down menu’s should be obviously tuned, as a “benefit”.


+re-designed some banner’s

These “banners” are colored, smoother and should take a better place into the window.


You can download the new style directly here! Press the big DOWNLAOD-button.

DOWNLOAD_BUTTON (direct connection)
(New download Link)

Please leave your feedbacks here below! Happy Bug Hunting!


Well done! :smiley:

I’d like these boxes mostly:


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I want to know if the color palette is planned as on the standard TS5 style?

It’s based on this one:


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Bro, great work i just logged in to congratulate on this amazing work.
Good colours and showing the ids is great for script development.
It’s got spacer between the different sections love it.

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Thanks for your feedback!

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