Subscribe Power

Hi, I have a problem.
The channel in the Permissions tab has a subscription value set to 100. My server rank is set to a subscription value of 21, all lower server ranks have e.g. 20 and they no longer see this channel. Even setting it to 1 does not change my subscription rights.


You can only subscribe to channels having a lower or equal needed_channel_subscribe_power than your groups i_channel_subscribe_power.
(not too sure about the exact names)

Try setting the channel power to 20 or 21 by who should be able to subscribe.

You misunderstood me: D. I have 26 subscription powers, and I see a channel that i_needed_subscribe_power is set to 10,000.

Check with the permission overview what overall subscribe power you have.


Try reconnecting. Changing the permission wont unsubscribe automatically.

I tried, it gives nothing, even on a new identity with my rank - I can still see this channel.

W8 are you trying to unsubscribe the channel you are currently in? This is not possible. You are always subscribed to your current channel.

I entered only for a moment to make a screen. I can still see him on other channels.

I place my bet when I only see a part of the permissions overview.

Your group client has b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions set or Skip flag is enabled on subscribe permissions.