Suddenly the password is invalid

While my TeamSpeak client has worked for quite some time, and I know it was working just a few days ago, I just found that when I try to connect to my server, it tells me my password is invalid. It was saved, so I know I didn’t type it wrong. Did something just change or an update happen on the server version of TS?

When I check the server, if I float my curser over the TS server icon, it disappears. I can relaunch it, but it’s never done that before.

Running TS3 server ver 3.12.1

The only way that this happens is that you have not entered the right password or someone has changed it.
The server does not change it on his own.

No idea what you mean with the icon. Where does the icon disappear from?



On the server the TS3 icon is on the taskbar, when it’s running. That’s where it disappears from. It should only go away when I end the task or right click and tell it to quit.

I am the only Admin for this install of TS3 Server. I didn’t change the password. Can I login with any of the keys or IDs I got when I first installed it rather than my user name? Is there a log file that would show a change to the password? Or, do I just have to reinstall TS on the server to clear this up?

I got it fixed. Using a suggestion from my server host, I downloaded the newest version of TS3 server 32-bit and copied the contents over the top of my current install on the server. The TS icon no longer disappears and the client can now connect.

I need to update some info in my symptoms that led the troubleshooting in the wrong direction. The IP that I and at least one of my users had in our connection field was the hosts TeamSpeak IP for talking to customers. I don’t recall saving that. That was why I was getting invalid logins. My instance of TS on the server would just through back and error trying to connect and not give a box to put in a password. Sorry for the confusion.