Sugg: Input software to play Music in TS5

Old ts3 had plugins like clownfish that has itself a Music Dashboard that let users play sounds of your pc(or hardware device) into ts channel. This could be improved in TS5 having an input device that it is software dashboard that could be vinculated to Spotify&&Pc. This would be so good for TeamSpeak Systems(You could get adversitment of usage into free Spotify ads) and Spotify(That gets more played) and obviously for users. Speak with friends while playing is cool, listen Music alone is nice. But put&listen music with your friends meanwhile you are playing is the top.

Re-broadcasting music from Spotify can result in permanent termination of your Spotify account since it is against their terms of service.

I don’t see why this should be a core feature. TeamSpeak is a voice communication software , not a music distribution platform.

I think music should remain a third party add-on, especially since I doubt that the people using the feature are actually limiting themselves to royalty free music.

You are right about that, but mainly Spotify is known by its privacy as well as Teamspeak. I do not doubt both companies could get a right deal since both will win. Quality of sound transmission of 7,71kb/s is full enough good to broadcast these songs. Obviously to access to this feature you would need to log in Spotify(through ts software) and to prevent other server users listen Spotify Premium for free without being in Premium all songs must be broadcasted in Free Plan(with ads). Otherwise Teamspeak 5 could just have an input software to play your pc .mp3 songs with high quality. It is fully easy to make an optimized script to don’t depend on third parties addons. TS is a communication software as you say, and music is the most international way of commmunication.

I always mute people who play music. I hate that! If I want to listen to music with other people I meet friends in real life and go clubbing or chill at home with them . . . TeamSpeak is for talking with friends or other people you play or do business with in my opinion, not for music streaming.


Math is more universal than music.

And I agree that teamspeak has provided a good base system to support basic music streaming quality, but any additional music features should be 3rd party as that is beyond the core system they provide.

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I think some kind of music player within ts is a neat idea, I don’t think it should be high priority on the list of things that the devs are working on.

I sometimes use a website called to share and listen to music with my friends. allows you to join a room either private or public and people take turns dj-ing, you can play youtube videos(music from youtube) or music from soundcloud.

Teamspeak could create a music channel where there is either a set dj choosing what music to play, or users take turns… Maybe you could build up a playlist withing in the channel that is just a list of youtube links…


Even discord only has that as third party bots.

There are basically two feature requests that I see:

  • (better) support for headless clients (e.g. bots)
  • easy way to subscribe to channel events (e.g. for listening to chat commands)

Implement that and the community will build these DJ bots while the company can focus on improving the TeamSpeak eco system.


nice :smiley: i like this idea :ok_hand: