[Suggestion] Add "chat rooms" to the Group Chats

I just tried out the Group Chats function and it looks very promising and has a lot of potential.
But i think with more chat rooms would be much better.

For example:
There is a Group Chat with the name: “XY WoW Guild”.
This group chat has multiple rooms, like: “Default Chat”, “Guild Chat”, “Other games”, “Memes”, “Off topic”, “Links”, etc.

why? i think its unnecessary.
If you have a guild why need separate chats?
u can create more group chat if you need + u can use pm and room chat instead of groupchat …

Because i assume people are not 24/7 online in the game and maybe they want just share informations, links, memes or just chat with their guild mates. And more rooms could just separate this categories, it’s more cleaner if you don’t have all this stuff together.

Yeah, but is it not easier if you have more rooms with multiple categories? Let’s say you’re in 5 guilds and every guild has 6 group chats. It’s overall 30 group chats. Is it not much better if you have 5 group chats with categorized rooms on your interface instead of having 30 group chats?

Yes, you could. But if it’s late night or people are traveling then maybe they don’t want to join to the TS server. TS servers are mostly for voice chat (since there are no “chat only” rooms, there are only voice rooms) and group chats are for chatting. It’s much comfortable to use group chats on a phone than join to a TS server and hoping for answers. I mean when people are using voice rooms, probably they are playing and if they are concentrating on the game, they won’t pay attention on the room chat since they have to alt + tab to view it. And if you go offline maybe they won’t answer to your question because they think you won’t look the answers later (and since it’s a voice room maybe they’ll will answer you in the voice room and not on the room chat).