Suggestion: Be able to knock on rooms


Basically just like real life, before entering a room on Teamspeak, if you right-click on the room you should be able to click an option “Knock”. This will send a notification to the users in the room saying “Username has knocked on the door”. Everybody in this room will then receive a prompt to let the user in the room, either denying or accepting entry.

How this may go in real life if implemented:

-User knocks on the door
-People in the room get a notification
-Someone clicks “Let user in the room”
-User then gets automatically moved into the room

This would be useful for big communities where Teamspeak rooms are used for important conversations or private matters. Of course, in the settings it can be enabled/disabled in certain rooms.


My opinion is this is a this is an unnecessary/bad feature.
Many would trolling with this.
And so there’s a poke / pm option which is also limited by larger servers prevention of trolling.

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Starts off by default, can be enabled within the channel if they wish.

They can also implement a rank lock to it, X rank can only knock on doors.

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Good feature in my opinion, I really need that in my server.
Telling a password every time is a waste of time, but you can’t give “move power” to every user on the server.