[Suggestion] Chat box reposition

Hey Tim,

Feel like it would be a good option to be able to have the chat repositioned to the bottom of the client much like TS3. As when I am using teamspeak I place it on my second monitor trying to take up as little room as possible however it makes it annoying when I need to click a link or see the chat otherwise I have to take up nearly half the monitor space to see both chat and the channels at once.

Example images

TS5 showing chat but also forced to show bookmarks

TS5 minimal


High effort post


a detachable discussion and smaller writing even from the main panel from my point of view

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A good suggestion that I’d also like to see implemented. I posted a similar suggestion on the old forums if you want a full reference to my thoughts on the chat layout.

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I’d prefer the chatbox below aswell or sth. like a customizable ui, so I can move everything where I need it to be.


That was a bit of an extreme screenshot, however even if I tried to show minimal screen space it still takes up half a monitor because I’m forced to show bookmarks if I want to see chat at the same time as the channels

Something like zooming in or zooming out in the main window would be great …

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You can still zoom in :slight_smile: Just need a touchscreen and you are good.

I would love to up-vote this idea! I do miss the layout of the old version where I could take a small corner. The new layout makes it very hard to do my work and keep an eye out for my other team members like I used to with the old client. Thank you for this post @v0re because I am not alone in my feelings! It is not that I dislike the new client but I do miss being able to view all my tasks at one time.

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Glad to see others think this is a good idea too.

Really think this is bit of functionality TS5 needs, I am currently still using TS3 purely because of the minimal amount of space it takes up.

Hopefully they address this soon!