Suggestion client description Imges

I Would like to add images to the client description.
so you could make like a dinamic banner but for clients.

Hello, unfortunately, this does not work. Is your topic more of a suggestion or a question regarding this?

its a suggestion

all right, you can also write suggestion in your tag so others know what you mean :wink:

I think pictures in the client description are less useful. That’s what the avatar is for.

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I agree @Cornelius

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yeah but only the user can change the avater the description can be change by a bot

But then you run the risk of inappropriate images being inserted. Then server admins in particular can react hardly as far as punishments are concerned.

But someone can also write inappropriate things. or you can give the permission “b_client_modify_description”, “b_client_modify_own_description” only to trusted members.

Yes oke, that’s right ^^. Nevertheless, I think images in the description are too much. The avatar is quite enough.