Suggestion: Connected servers move

Hi. So it occurred to me that in teamspeak 3 there was a way that if I was connected to a server, I could move it between others. To sort their order. But this doesn’t work on ts5. I think it would be a good feature. I’m connected on 4 servers and would like to get them always in order. Currently I have to do it by disconnecting and connecting to them according to where I want them. But it doesn’t seem very intutitive to me and I could imagine some move feature. Something like in bookmarks.


I really miss this feature. It makes every decision about disconnecting from a single server pure agony.

If you also miss this feature I was told you should respond to this thread and not just like it.


I suggest that you can sort the servers on which you are connected. (as on ts3)


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There is already a suggestion for this feature.

I was looking to see if anyone posted it, but apparently I didn’t see it properly…

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