[Suggestion] Duplicate Channels option

I thinking…
It would be nice if there an option for this.
it would save us a lot of time when we create a clan sections or spacers or if you use special setting to your rooms :smiley:

I thought there would be an option in the context menu if you right click on a channel/spacer to duplicate the the existing one . (like copy paste)
would create another channel with the same settings , the difference would be to put a number after the name just like after users nick if there 2 with the same name.

I would love to see this feature in TS3 and TS5 clients ^^


Or show an input box for the new channel name :slight_smile: That way you don´t have to edit the channel if you duplicate another one to have the same settings on them with just a different name.


good idea :smiley:

Hello everyone,

as i Administrated the TS Server where i am Currently lady for everything i was wondering is it Possible that you can Copy an entire channel with all settings.
It would make it easyer, for exsample when you have Support channel of wich you create in many times more than one, to create a row of identitly channels without the risk that you miss one setting when you set them up one by one.

Best Regards