[Suggestion] Edit a permission to all chosen server groups at one time

Hi everyone!

I am thinking about new server groups permission feature for a while now and I would love to share this idea with you.

I have a teamspeak server with more than 300 server groups and everytime when I find a bug in permissions or I just want to simply change some permission I have to go thru all of the server groups and change them one by one. This takes hours to do and there is a very easy solution how to change that.

I was thinking if it is possible to create a simple menu like one on the screenshot where you can tick all the servergroups or choose groups one by one and change single permission in all of those groups.
It could be a new menu in “Permissions” and I am pretty sure it would help many server owners to save hours of time.

I am one of those who chanches funkcions on my server very often and doing this one by one is annoying and time consuming.

If you like the idea, please comment below and let teamspeak developers know this feature should have been added ages ago.

Thank you for reading this and have a good one! :slight_smile:

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