Suggestion Fast Hotkey and Quick Channel Search Bar

Hello TeamSpeakers.
I apologize if I’m doing this topic in the wrong category.

First Suggestion:
I would like to make this suggestion, so that it is possible to quickly add a hotkey for these buttons.

If you are playing and you need to add a hotkey, you can quickly access the buttons above with the right mouse button, without having to go through the settings.


Second suggestion:
Quick search bar for channels

If you are playing and connecting in a teamspeak with many channels, it is difficult for you to find a channel, if you are in a match of an important game where the players are in a teamspeak, you lose a few seconds trying to locate the channel.


Thank you!!


Search may be nice addition. Hotkeys for described buttons (AFK, mute mic/speakers) can be made in TS3, don’t know if in TS5 as well. Haven’t tried it since I use my hotkeys from TS3.