Suggestion for Friendsystem

Hello there!
I’d suggest including the ability for TS5 users to contact add TS3 users.
I personally do not have many friends using TS5 yet so I can’t really add them, because
as far as I know there is no opportunity given.
And if there is I’d say it is too hard to find. (I am aware of “Add Contact” buttom in the left)
Then my suggestion would be that when right clicked give an option to change contactsettings.
Greetings, Wendepuunkt. :slight_smile:


Not implementable in my eyes. TS3 would have to be built on matrix…

I actually had a conversation in about how usefull it would be to include such feature and came to the solution that it has only “beauty aspects”.
Chats and other features wouldn’t be useable anyways.
I might consider my suggestion as not thought through.
Have a good one :slight_smile: