[Suggestion] Identity syncronization

After myteamspeak reg. when the user login in ts3 clinet move the identities from local list to syncronized list automatically.
Many times there is a problem with this, users cry when lost their permissions after a reinstal becouse they dont know they must had to move the ID from local to sync. list.
So i think this would be useful if it was automatic process.

This happens already by default settings. It won’t when user has synchronize disabled or set to manual.
But synchronize disabled or Manual is means the user has to do it on his own then.


idk how but now a user register to myts, and log in in ts3 (sync is set default, user dont change the settings) and the identity stay in the local list , does not automatically transfer it to the synchronized list

Some users think this is an instant thing, but syncing everything can sometimes take some time. Some of them creates myTS account and logs into TS3, and then few hours later they perform full OS reinstallation.

But maybe something changed in one update that no one have seen… Reallistically I doubt it, but this can be a case.


its ok, we create a step by step guid to our website, just users are not interested in this until the trouble doesn’t happen :smiley: i just outlined things :slight_smile: just an idea

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