[Suggestion] Master Volume Adjustment

Hey guys! I would like to ask if the Master volume adjust option can be put up on where the AFK / MUTE MIC / MUTE SPEAKER is.
On TS3 we can customize the toolbar, but here I couldn’t find any option to put the Master volume there.
Thanks in advance

Right now, no. But fear not cause future beta updates should bring that.

Just wait…


Thanks for the fast answer! It’s a little gimmick which helps me to adjust the volume asap when some user with a bit more sensitive mic joins.
Hope this one to be included as soon as possible.

I wonder if this is a feature which is really planned. This thread is over a year old and the latest version still doesn’t has this feature considering that this shouldn’t be too hard to implement. As I just started using the beta, I don’t know how long it usually takes to implement features, but it feels a bit long.