Suggestion: Minimize / Close to tray

In TS3 we can minimize TeamSpeak window from ts3 icon so we can reduce unwanted window. Same feature I would like to suggest add in TeamSpeak 5 also.

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By design this is now a client setting and no longer available in context menu.


Add an option to settings if you close TeamSpeak 5 it will only get minimized to tray.

We are happy to read that you never like to close the client :smiley:

…but what’s the point of the Minimize function then?

Edit: If it is only about minimize to tray please read following (must expand for the image)


To be honest i just wanna close the client to not be in the background but still wanna use it for voice chat. If i wanna use teamspeak to chat or anything like that then i can open it up with a double click and that’s all. It can be distracting in the background if you are doing several things at the same time. (multitasking)
Ahh i see thanks!

Edit: Tbh my problem is i just click on X to minimize it by reflex. ROFL

Thanks for the very fast reply! Love you all! I am just waiting for these upcoming things: Mobile App, Server Wide chat and Screenshare.

Then you can change “on Minimize” to “on Close
But please read the warning!!!


If i select the On Close at Hide Teamspeak in Taskbar my problem is solved but i got a new issue. Is there anyway to disable this message? Problem is the Windows pops this up and makes a loud Windows noise which is irritating. Thanks for the answer in advance!

Edit: Yes i found the “On Close” settings before you wrote this reply but thanks!

By turning off Windows Notification sounds or change focus assist.
Or by turning off all notifications comming from TeamSpeak.


It worked thanks for your help! Have a good day for you! You can close this thread.

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Bye bye :slight_smile:

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