[suggestion] Permissions changes for the free 10 slot test server

I know I’ve asked this elsewhere before, but will ask here now that we are open discussing the new client. I’ve created the free 10 slot server a while back. The default setting for the Owner and Admin on this server is to use reserved slot (b_client_use_reserved_slot). But the reserved slot count is set to 0, and no server group has the permissions needed to modify it.

I really think the owner should have b_virtualserver_modify_reserved_slots permissions and also grant permissions to set/unset b_client_use_reserved_slot.

I think this thread could be a good location to keep all other permission change suggestions for the 10 slot. Some I think would be requested that I think should be ignored include adding/cloning the server/channel groups. This is a free server and I agree with limiting it, and that should include only having a fairly basic locked list of groups to use.

I’ll attempt to keep this table up to date with responses.

For Against Serv/Chan Group Permission Value Skip Negate Grant Comments
1 0 Serv Server Owner b_client_use_reserved_slot 1 0 0 1
1 0 Serv Server Owner b_virtualserver_modify_reserved_slots 1 0 0
1 0 Serv Server Owner i_group_auto_update_type 47 0 0 Should not be the same as Server Admin
2? 0 Serv Server Owner b_client_remoteaddress_view 1 0 0 1 This and next work together to give server owner more control over who can see IPs of clients.
2? 0 Serv Server Owner b_client_ban_list 1 0 0 1

Thanks for the feedback!

Newer server owners should have b_client_use_reserved_slot and b_virtualserver_modify_reserved_slots set to 1 (etc), but we didn’t apply those retroactively - so as one of the earlier wave, you probably don’t have that set.

That’s something we could consider if there’s interest?

Edit: Would like to add that the permission set we ship with is a ‘good start’, but we’re very open to ideas!


Looking (again in my old database from early built free server) I see something else that should be changed if not already. Owner and Admin should not have the same i_group_auto_update_type Owner should be something between admin server query and server admin. This will provide better support if you need to retroactively update permissions on servers. Granted you could currently do an update command where the name is “Server Owner” but the setup should be around the i_group_auto_update_type as in the past, and updating by name only would be safe on the database as I see it right now because users can’t rename that group at this time.


Good idea, hadn’t thought of that one - will look into it. Thanks!


Hello, there’s an error in permissions, because of what you cannot edit group perms. It’s the ‘i_group_modify_power’ permission, it’s grayed out. Server Owner and Server Admin groups should have that permission. As for values, I’d go either for both the same (75) or for Owner ‘75’ and for an Admin ‘70’.


Good idea!

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And also, I found out, that neither S. Admin and S. Owner can’t create/delete new groups. It’d be good to add ‘b_virtualserver_servergroup_create’, ‘b_virtualserver_channelgroup_create’, ‘b_virtualserver_servergroup_delete’ and ‘b_virtualserver_channelgroup_delete’


I actually think that is “by design”. I think the free hosted server is not meant to give that much function, just enough to work and set a some cookie cutter groups. If you want more control I think hosting the server yourself or leasing a server will be the next step up.

Та же ошибка. Не могу редактировать любые групповые привилегии. Выводится ошибка:
“insufficient client permissions (failed on i_group_modify_power)”

Bad eng :slight_smile:
There is the same problem. I can’t edit any permission, I get an error:
“insufficient client permissions (failed on i_group_modify_power)”


First question before any more, do you rent your Teamspeak server or you are the owner ?

Owner of free 10slot server.

Only Admin and Owner can see the IP. Would make more since if you want to hide the IP to be able to change the b_client_remoteaddress_view permission by adding grant permissions to the owner group.

Also an in general update I think that should be made related to the b_client_remoteaddress_view such that even if you have b_client_ban_list permissions you should not see the IPs in the ban list if you don’t have b_client_remoteaddress_view permissions, they should all be masked. Further, such users that can’t view remote address should not be allowed to edit an IP ban or manually add one. They should be able to delete them depending on their b_client_ban_delete and b_client_ban_delete_own permissions.