[Suggestion] Read Receipts

Hello, so I’ve noticed that when you message someone privately via a direct message, you get the little ticks showing that they have read the message, I personally love this feature and don’t want to change it however I know there are people out there who don’t want others to know they have read the message etc.

This could be for many reasons, majorly thinking about harassment or slandering etc.

But what I was thinking is have an option to allow the user decide if or if not people get to see if they have seen the message or not, this could be a privacy thing and I know the popular phone app like kik or whats app does this, although I’m not sure if you can turn it off.

TLDR; let users decide if others get to see the ticks on the messages showing they’ve read it or not. :slight_smile:


To not send that user needs to go invisible .

The matrix protocol we use is like that.


I can understand why people what it but I personally hate it when people have the read status off.

Edit: As you already said that Discord does not have the read status and i absolutly hate it. I don’t know if they ignore me, if they are afk or what else they are doing

I mean so do I but you have to think about when like people get harassed or like say randomly messaged by someone they don’t want to talk to or don’t feel like answering yet etc. There can be so much.

Personally I won’t be touching the option but I’ve noticed on Discord they don’t have this feature and just because I’m online, everyone expects that I’ve read their messages.

Would there be no way for this to be done if they were online? My other message to Leon kind of describes the problem a little better. :slight_smile:

And as I’ve already said there’d be people who would want it for other reasons. People would be annoyed on either field.

Most people would also just turn yourself invisible beacuse they don’t want to be “online” to others and don’t want the read status so in my opinion there is no need for a dedicated option

I mean true, but you’ll always get the one or two asking for something like this or something similar. Either way doesn’t affect me was just something I thought of for others who would want it.

I love the feature myself being able to see when they’ve read my message, thanks I’ve needed this for a long long time now. :smiley:

Maybe they should tell te people that the invisible status turn off the message read status so it is more clear to other

Yeah maybe, or have a nice little tool tip or something when hovering or just underneath it.