[Suggestion] Retain the actions "on key press" and "on key release"

Loved the ganuality of being able to define “on button down” and “on button release” to trigger actions in TS3

The main reason why;
I use PTT in game and voice activation in TS, the ability to mute my mic whilst talking in game was brilliant as my group didnt have to hear me twice.

Now with just toggle, I have to tap the key to unmute and dont always remember to do that, its a minor loss, but it is a loss.

And thank you so much for the voice activation !!! IT IS AMAZING ?!?!?!
is there any documentation that you can share on how its done, or any videos ? just curios as was flabergasted how good it is.


It is in my opinion a pretty big loss as it was those things that separated TeamSpeak from Discord. It’s why I’ve stayed with TeamSpeak to be honest.

I’m very much for this feature.

Agreed i have used the same solution for years and its mint! I really would like to see this back when it’s released :slight_smile: