Suggestion: Revert mute behavior back to TS3 behavior

Sorry if this has already been suggested, I couldn’t find it through the search function. I am always connected to multiple servers at once.

Back in the TS3 client using the mute button in TS3 meant that you only mute/unmute yourself on the currently active server tab. Since I am autoconnecting to these servers on startup I only had to mute myself once using the extra function ‘Mute on every server’ and after that, I could easily mute/unmute myself on the server I was actually talking.

Now in TS5 the behavior is reverted. I can easily mute/unmute on all connected servers with one click, but if I only wanted one server I either have to use ALT+Click or right click the server.

I think reverting the behaviors back would be better so that the easiest option (a single click) is for the most used option (muting/unmuting only the current server) since most users only talk on one server at a time I would guess.

Probably the best option would be to make the behavior an option that we can set in the settings so that both ways are possible.


I have the same problem esp because there is no hotkey setting for that. the hotkey is only for mute on all servers :confused: