[Suggestion] Search for Clients on a Server + User Context in Poke-Popups and Chat

Hey there,
First of all, I would like to say that I have been using the beta for the last few weeks to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and encouraged others to join the test.

Two of the most important features we miss in Teamspeak 5 listed in the following. The first feature is the lack of ability to search for a certain client on the server. Pressing CTRL + F opens the search function, which unfortunately does not show the clients on the server.
Especially with large servers, it’s really no fun to scroll through the whole server every time you’re looking for a certain client, in TS3 did it work using STRG+F.

The second feature is the missing user contextmenu in poke popups or in the poke history in chat / chat messages in general. The feature to send a response via quick answer menu is very cool and i like it very much, the user context menu when clicking on the name of the client in this quick answer menu, for example, should also be available there, because not infrequently you get pokes with the message “Move”, if a client has no permission to the channel in which you are, and even here you would theoretically be forced to scroll through the entire server.

In the chat history, the user context menu also doesnt seem to be available when clicking on a username, although the purple clickable text suggests it: https://i.imgur.com/RFhzFlw.png
I’d also change the poke messages to also add the user context menu by using the name here.

For clarification, when I talk about user context menu, I mean this: https://i.imgur.com/YP6cGgK.png

These two additions would increase the usability with the new teamspeak version for me and the other testers I’ve encouraged by a lot.

Thanks in advance and best regards,