[Suggestion] Server Sub Groups


So I wanted to suggest a system to allow the creation of subgroups.

This can be helpful in order to give more control of channels to the community members and their respective clans.

The head group can be owned by a clan leader or manager ranked guy and he can manage all the sub groups under him.

This will allow clans to have more control over their players and friends.


Difference to regular groups being?
Just have them as regular groups, there is no reason to do that differently.


Well assuming there is more than 1 clan (or many in one TS server), the clan owner can have total control over that sub-group and on the same hand he won’t have control over other clan sub groups.

You can take the example of a Sub-Channel. (If you give channel admin of parent channel to someone then it can control and organize its sub-channels by himself).


I like the idea, I currently accomplish this with a server group called “Clan Captain”. It gives the user power to add other users to clan server groups, however this comes with its own issues, a “Clan Captain” can add users to any server group with a less than or equal to needed_member_add_power, It’s not a problem for me as I have sensible clan captains. :smiley:

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Well I just think if we give this clan captain tag to the clan captains it comes with a price. Not every community has sensible and responsible people and this idea can come in handy when we are managing large communities.

I would love to see the response of other ts communities hosting multiple clan/groups and what they’ve got to say about it.


I absolutely agree with you and I’m sure there are many other communities that would find this features very useful.

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The “power” based permission system really doesn’t work well when you have the need for separate “hierarchies” which remain independent from others.

Anyone who got the required “power” can do stuff anywhere. You can’t really have a separate brach because power is “global” and is valid everywhere.

I think channel groups may be the only way around that because they are “local” to the channel, if I remember correctly.

It can be very confusing.


About it… I hope we will finally have a method to view who have what channel perms in which room


These groups will also be a new level of classification based on for some specific channels only. They only give you the liberty to manage your own crew on a large teamspeak.

Their permission system should be restricted only for channel permissions and all the other permissions should come from a server group assigned to them.

It makes the system kinda easier if u got like over 20 clans piled up in your community (includes some youtubers and some eSports clans).