[Suggestion] Support for custom Keybinds and Controller Support

Please add more keybind Options, like in TS3.
for example

  • Disconnect from Server
  • Connect with…(Open Dialouge)
  • Enable/Disable Plugin /Open PluginSettings

And pls continue the support to keybind Controller key-combos. It worked so well in TS3, bnut now i have to apologize everytime I sneeze into somebodies ear, because i cannot mute myself anymore with my gamepad.


Yes, this! As an ArmA and DCS pilot, mapping push to talk to controllers and flight controls is an absolute must. Please carry this feature over from Teamspeak 3!

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As a sim pilot flying online with TS based audio connections it would be great, if we could have native HID aka joystick assignments to PTT / Push-to-mute in TS that really works no matter how many and which HID are connected so that I do not need to fiddle around with additional apps to assign keystrokes to joystick buttons.

In TS3 with the plug-in there are often issues that either release of buttons are not recognized or only some buttons are recognized. That’s quite annoying.

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This would be a most useful feature. being able to map push to talk and whispers to virple joystick controls would be very useful