Suggestions/feedback beta

Hi, first of all ,I love the new teamspeak, for me that i have a big community the ability to filter server events that allows me to search players faster , select the channel and click join from the server tree, it makes my work easier to moderate the server.I like the new Permission group , it feels easier to create custom groups.
Now things id love to see in the final version:
Record button back;
A search option in the banlist;
The poke goes unnoticed from my perspective…
I cant find the edit server option where i add icons , or the ability to add channel icons… only banner
Some things are not very intuitive,( muting on a server while being on 2 servers,) and u need a bit of experience to understand how it works …
These are the things that i noticed after a week of using it… (more tools for communities to help moderate would be great)
Have a nice day!

Icons are not implemented yet.