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The problem with TeamSpeak and the audio settings has often been addressed here.

Since I have often seen that there are applications that automatically show when an audio device has been added, I wanted to ask if the following is possible.

Who does not know it, you are on the road with Bluetooth headphones and suddenly the battery is empty. Crap in TeamSpeak5 you would now have to switch to the settings and set a different audio device. How nice would it be that, for example, the audio device falls on the fallback device of Windows?

And no this feature is not unnecessary, Discord already supports that and for me this is a huge thing. I listen to music through speakers, when I want to talk to other people I put on my Bluetooth headphones. But instead of selecting a new device on Discord, Discord simply switches from speakers to headphones.

This should not really be a big witchcraft, disconnected and selected devices are already displayed so far.

Thank you for reading this far, I hope my wish comes true :slight_smile:



This feature exists already. The client is able to automatically switch devices when the operation system sets a new one as default.

In Client Default must be selected for the devices and your operation system must set a new Playback / Recording Communication device.


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Don’t work for me, is there a option to enable this feature?

When i use my BLE Headset only Discord Switches TeamSpeak using the old Default Device.

Ill send a gif later…

Must be Win 7 -11 and A new Default Communication Device.
Not a new Default device.

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That’s not what i wan’t i want my Speakers to be Switched to Headset and not my MIC.

Btw. it don’t work…

I can set all devices as default communication, only the headset don’t work, the thing is that i disabled the Input Stream from it because it made much trouble.

“Default Communication Device” Is for Capture and/or for Playback as you can see in my GIF.

Whatever your device does here, Windows must update the “Default Communication Device” to make it possible to switch in TS automatically. We are only listening this Flag from Windows.

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Okay, this worked for me on a second Device…

What’s with Mac and Linux Users?

They switch their default device :wink: Because their OS does not offer such function.

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Thanks for the explanation, it’s now clear for me.

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