Synchronized bookmarks were removed from their folders

When I opened my TS5 client, I noticed that I suddenly have a lot more servers in my bookmarks. My folders were listed at the top, however all my folders had been emptied and all my bookmarks were listed under the empty folders.

I then opened my TS3 client and when I went to my bookmarks, the same thing happened there at that moment. First my folders with the bookmarks were still there, but in seconds all folders were emptied in TS3 and all servers were listed under the empty folders.

Does anyone know what could be the reason for this or does anyone also have the problem?

I can only imagine that you added or sorted a folder/bookmark and this broke the sorting of all bookmarks.
But how and why is nothing i can explain.

In the first versions of TS5 we had such problems when folder got involved. But these have been fixed.

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I actually didn’t add or change anything in my bookmarks. Yesterday afternoon everything was as usual, but then when I started the client last evening it was scattered.

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