Synology nas docker

cant find out want to access the servers files as its corrently on the docker but want to access the saves etc from the out side docker want to have access to saved files incase any help on settings on synology nas thanks

The easiest way to access a container file system is probably to run a shell in the container.
docker container exec -it <container name> /bin/sh

Edit: export could also be interesting:

Usage:  docker export [OPTIONS] CONTAINER

Export a container's filesystem as a tar archive

  -o, --output string   Write to a file, instead of STDOUT
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need to mounting the teamspeak data directory as a volume is what im after the

/bin/sh this bit did help @Gamer92000
but i looked at var run folder instead

This is what the volume setup for the container looks like:

      - "~/ts3server/:/var/ts3server/"

This will give you access to the main directory where everything (but the config) is saved in. This will only work for a new container however - not an existing one.

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it has given me ts3db.ini and ts3server.ini in there now
not sure about the config files eg like files for the server back up

heres my docker layout as of now and i see config files here

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