Team speak 5 costs

Hi, I just activated my ts5 beta code, but I have a doubt, is gonna be any cost? Please answers me

No, it is totally free to you to use… On Teamspeak you pay only if you rent a server from a third-part host, or the licence to have more than 32 clients on your server


Thank you so much

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What is the difference between free and third-party? Im not very tech savvy :smile:

If you use the free TeamSpeak server you are only limited to 32 slots, but you have full control of your server permissions. If 32 slots isn’t enough, you could always purchase a license and up the amount of slots and amount of servers that could use those slots on. Pricing | TeamSpeak

If you rent from a third party you can have as many slots as you are willing to pay for (to a degree), but you are some what limited on permissions you have on the server. For the most part you have all of the permissions you would need though. Usually the only permissions that are negated are ones that you could use to cause trouble with other peoples servers.