Team Speak Addon Help

Is it still possible to make my own addon and publish it on teamspeak, and that it can be downloaded officially to get the badge “TeamSpeak Addon Developer (Bronze)”

First you should not develop plugins just for the badge…

But regardless - it is currently not possible to publish new plugins to myTeamSpeak.
If you wish you can create a new plugin and post it to the forum though.


This is the current statement. But as @Gamer92000 already said, if you want to publish a new addon or theme or something else, then please create a new Thread about this.

Please do not upload a copy or modified version of an already existing addon.

Okay, thanks

Will it ever be added in the future that we can make addons for badge?

TeamSpeak is looking at a new way of hosting/displaying addons, but for now–as previously mentioned–the New TeamSpeak client is the priority. :slight_smile:

In the Future it will be possible to upload new Addons to myTeamSpeak and if the Addon gets approved by the Staff, then you will, may get the Badge, but at the Moment there is no ETA for uploading Addons on myTeamSpeak in the near Future.

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