TeamSpeak 3.5.0 [BETA] - Host Banner URL not redirecting?

Worked before, now it doesn’t?

The banner gfx is correctly set - the image loads and refreshes well. However, the URL it should point to upon being clicked doesn’t redirect. Is this a problem with the link, or a new bug following some beta changes?

For clarities sake

Here’s a gif -

Here’s the server configuration


so ideally, the clicking on the banner should open up right?

Unless I’m misunderstanding?

Sorry if someone classes this as advertisement, there’s not really a way for me to be sure its not an error on my part without giving you proper urls.

Running latest BETA btw - 3.5.0 (22/01/2020 09:55:35)


We haven’t changed anything in this area at all. I spoke to one of the devs who said he doesn’t think this is a problem on our end.




I just tested and mine still works with 3.5.0 [22.1.2020 04:55:35] I still have the warning on opening links in my client enabled and after clicking on open link the site loads as expected.


Judging by the banner, as I understand it, it changes the number of users online?
Can you tell me how to do the same?

There is no built-in support for dynamic banners in TeamSpeak. The way that this works is by setting a refresh interval for the server banner which instructs the TeamSpeak clients to periodically fetch a fresh copy of the server banner.

The banner is usually generated on the web server using a suitable server side scripting language (e.g. PHP) with the required image manipulation libraries (GD, ImageMagick, etc.) installed.

The user count is provided by the TeamSpeak server’s built-in “query interface” which you probably want to use a third party library for since it’s not exactly easy to get data from.

@Adam I think we need a server scripting section for this type of question here.

PS: This type of “dynamic” banner can cause enormous amounts of extra traffic on your web server depending on the refresh interval, the amount of users on your TeamSpeak server(s) and the banner file size.


Sorry, I had to.

If your web server cant get over a couple of hundred calls a minute then maybe consider a new server.

My thread has nothing to do with server scripting. The problem for me lies within the client which doesnt open the link - nothing to do with the banner. Havent figured out why, either.



For me banner works - click opens your website :slight_smile:


I replied to the guy who asked how it was done and would have replied in a new topic but we don’t have a suitable forum section yet.

The web server can probably take it but there may still be hosters out there that charge extra beyond a couple of gigabytes of traffic, depending on the hosting plan.

Some virtual server hosters also used to cancel customers hosting plans in case they frequently exceeded their “fair share” of CPU and memory. Image manipulation can cause that.

So since the topic was brought up, I thought I should at least mention possible side effects in case anyone else gets “inspired” by your banner.

I didn’t mean to hijack your topic. I just couldn’t find a more suitable place to put my reply.

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Well I’m glad it works for you, still can’t quite get to the bottom of whats causing the issue. Gonna deactivate plugins and stuff and see if that helps.