Teamspeak 3.5.1 microphone don't work

Hello, my microphone works correctly but since I’ve do the update, it don’t work currently. The mic icon says that I’ve a mic but, my friends don’t ear me. I’ve try to change my mic with 3 others but the same.

Can you help me or give me a old version plz ?

(Sorry for the bad English)


Thanks you very much ! :grinning:

Thanks i had the same issue, the others heard me slowly and like un evil. Rolling back to preview version and the problem id solved.

Same problem here. The download links up there are leading to empty folders. Does anybody have the proper linkt to 3.5.0 Mac Version?

Well, this is proper link. If there isn’t some version, it means that TS haven’t uploaded it either by accident, either it’s mentioned to be like this.

And if by ”proper link” you meant link to external site not correlated to TeamSpeak, rather nobody on forum would send you that. If you want to download TS, do it from TS site.


He meant 3.5.0, not 3.3.2.

I have not been aware that the previous version has been 3.2.2. I thought it would have been 3.5.0. which only showed an empty folder. That´s why I have been confused. I did downgrade to 3.3.2. which did solve the microphone problem. Thank you.
I will kindly ignore the assumption that I would use illegal download sites.

I have same problem with my cloud headphones.