TeamSpeak 3.5.2 log in old server?

Is it possible to enter in server (server uses the old versions 3.1.10) in the last teamspeak version?

You mean 3.0.10 as Server Version?. 3.1.10 is only a Client Version not a Server Version.

There is a 3.0.10 and a 3.10.0 Server Version.

If you want to connect to Version 3.10.0 then its possible. If you will connect to Version 3.0.10 than its not possible to connect. i mean you can downgrade your Client Version but this is not supported!

The client to connect the server is the version 3.1.10, i wanna know if i its possible to connect with the client version 3.5.2

Just to you understand my problem… i use macbook, and the client version3.1.10 is with a bug that i cant close the inicial server message, with this i cant close pokes or anything else… i only close TS if i forced with command + shif + del… and in the version 3.5.2 i don’t have this problens (i test it in others servers)

AFAIK it depends how old the server is. Besides, who uses unsupported server versions?

The fastest way to check will be to try to connect to server.

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Yeah… i cant understand too… i had already tried, but shows the error “the server is too old for command” , so i think i got the anwer LOL

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