Teamspeak 3.5.6 client crash on Windows 11

Hi, I seem to have a weird crash issue with my Teamspeak client version 3.5.6 stable. I have tried to reinstall the client, remove plugins and reset the theme to default. It first started to happen a month ago and seemingly at random, at least I can’t figure it out.
Here’s 3 of my latest crashdumps

This is the latest sending crash info.

Sent: 16384/102177 bytes
Sent: 102177/102177 bytes
Error: 201

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

AccessDeniedInvalid according to Policy: Policy expired.MSMX5PBFTG1Z6D0BKmj3184TCPqwGbIJu9UHIKzYgJey9WV+uluFwbs8uH/yNN5EPGnew5guQs8tD91BStO2cMIPpFU=

Try to update your Client to version 3.6.0 beta and see if your Client still crashes. :slight_smile:

To enable the Beta channel, simply go to Tools → Options → Application and select “Beta” from the update channel dropdown and now click on “Check for updates” and install the new Beta Client. :slight_smile:

Or else please try start parameter -safemode

On Windows make a right-click on the shortcut you usually would use to start the client and then select properties. Then add the parameter as shown.