Teamspeak 3 Android app without Google Play

a while ago I bought the ts 3 mobile app for Android but I bougt a new phone it is also an android phone, but it uses AOSP android which means there is no google play strore/services and for that reason when I start the teamspeak app it says critical payment error! I would really like to use ts3 on my phone but won´t install google play services just for one app. So the question is if there is a way around this like linking the app purchase to my myTeamspeak Account or maybe some other way.


@Zeus1605 theres no other way :confused:
at least as far as i know :thinking:

only these 2 app store

It is possible to get this services manually, but it is a bit complicated and you need the know how to do it.
…and never install anything from random sites!


Android application is nice but it crashes constantly. It can be much better if it comes to logging in to different servers at the same time.

Dude just use “app backup” to do a backup of your ts3 apk…copy the apk to your computer and pass it to your new cell…install it and…that’s it.
ETA= 2 minutes

True… But he can install the some Google Apps and Teamspeak 3 Mobile is working again without errors.
Switched myself but i installed only the Google Apps (minimal package) that i need for my paid Apps :slight_smile:

Yes that is exactly what I did but Teamspeak wants to verify that I actually bought the when I start it and for that it seems to need google play services

Hey at thanks for your advice but as I stated above I dont want to install any google apps

Dude you can’t fight against a gigant like Google and don’t think you are data protected, Google has been collecting data about you since your first keystroke on a computer. Believing in 2020 that you are safe from giving out personal information is a very childish thought. Just enjoy your technological toys and enjoy life. Today is a day less in your life dude keep in mind that

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