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I would like to ask when will be TeamSpeak 5 mobile app released? I’m tired of using TeamSpeak 3 for Android, so many problems with crashing, Bluetooth doesn’t work as call in a car.

All my friends have problem with app crashing, so you have to force stop it. In car sound work by speakers, but car buildin mic doesn’t work, it’s not recognized as voice call. TS3 Android app has been released in 2011 and it’s buggy as alpha version. It was working good in a car with iPhone, then I changed phone to Samsung s10 and it works really bad.

I’ve been using TeamSpeak since 2006 and I’m totally disappointed with developers, app was released 2011 and it’s still buggy as ****.

When can we expect TeamSpeak 5 android app to be released?


when its done :smiley:

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You must be comedian. :slight_smile:

all software is released when its done … so :smiley:
this will be announced :slight_smile:

Normally I would say the same, but even TS3 and TS5 alpha has less crashes in total for me than the Android stable version has in one day if I try to use it. So you have to give @piksna points for that. :slight_smile: The sad thing about this is that I don’t even get logs even though they are set in the settings, so helping TS solve the problem is hard af because we are unable to provide info.


Can we get some official answer how long will be there needed to release beta Android version of TeamSpeak 5?

not yet

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