TeamSpeak 3 Beeping

I don’t know if its me but when I talk while muted , it gives me the beeping noise. I tried to look how to turn off and it says Options > Notifications > Other > Unselect Talking While Muted. However that option is not there.

Link Provided >> Screenshot by Lightshot

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`hello guys dont know if this is the right forum or something… but i was wondring if there is a way where teamspeak make a beep bepp noise every 3second or so when my mic is muted right now my mic is only makeing sound when im speaking and its muted

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What you are talking about is this:

There is no native way of enabling what you want.
You could however realise this via a plugin.

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yes i have this already but it only make noise when i talk i want to hear the beep beep beep every like 3-4second when my mic is muted is there a way?

Um, no. At least not without a plugin.

Interesting, it works well for me.
Try running the ts as system administrator, i think its worth a try.
I have no better idea at the moment.

Well, OK, there is a way, but it’s kinda silly.

Just use the option mentioned above and use Open Microphone (or how’s it called, the one you continuously have your microphone open to talk) and have some faint noise around it. But not too faint since it must hear this noise.

At least it’s the only way I can think of.

do you know where i can find a plugin for it?

I don’t. AFAIK on myTeamSpeak there isn’t any that will function as you want it. Regarding 3rd-party addons, I don’t trust them.

Sorry for saddening (is this even a word?) you. Sorry.

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Please help.
When i turn off the mic in client, notebook starts beeping for i’m trying to speak with the mic turned off.
How can i switch off this option? Now i have simply removed the “stop_talking.wav” file from the corresponding folder. Is there any more appropriate way to solve this problem?

There is a notification setting for this.

Open Settings
Go into Notifications.
Scroll down to warnings
Then turn off You are talking while your microphone is muted.

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This option is not available somehow. See the bottom row in the prtscrn file.

Sure if you post in latest client section instead of TS 3 Client or searched for it i answer for TeamSpeak version 5.

Please scroll to top posts. You will find the answer there.

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Thnx! This is it !!! )