TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.5

Hey guys,
we just released a new client version for TS3.

This update will fix 2 crashes in the client.

=== Client Release 3.5.5 - 04 Nov 2020

  • Fixed crash in the comfort noise algorithm
  • Fixed crash in audio processing (reported by Stefan Schiller (scryh))

To get the update now you just need to click on Help -> Check for Update.

Note: Installer on our website will be updated soon.

And as always. Any feedback about this version is welcome :raising_hand_man:


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The sound quality still shi…? I still dare not upgrade from version 3.3.2. Because sound quality will be catastrophic. The € 70 microphone has the sound of a € 1 tesco microphone.

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I can`t install Teamspeak Client 3.5.5 in MacOS 10.11.6 El Capitan.

I tried to update my older Teamspeak version via the updater but it crashed. So i figured i would do a new install. I downloaded the new TS 3.5.5 installer from the Teamspeak download website and moved the Teamspeak App to my App folder. With this the old version got overwritten.

But now i can`t start TS and it states that it requires at least MacOS 10.12.

The Teamspeak 5 Beta is working just fine…

Same here.
Everybody on my Teamspeak who has updated to Versions above 3.3.2 are sounding like they have a Toaster as a microphone (plus they are very very quiet).
I think i need to force everybody on my TS to use 3.3.2.

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:slight_smile: nice

thats a bad idea…
on the contrary!
there is a big difference between client versions 3.3.2 and 3.5.x
just update your clients …

That’s right, huge difference, wrong direction! I tried the new versions more than ten times. Even though I adjusted it for hours, the sound quality is horrible, simply intolerable, confusing, annoying There is nothing to be said for it. If you have a normal studio microphone and a normal headset that wasn’t € 5, the quality deterioration is catastrophic.

khm… I don’t have a studio microphone, but I don’t think I’ll get a bad headset for 85 euros.
Interestingly, we did not experience that “catastrophic” sound quality.
i think the problem is in the room codec settings or it is caused by different client versions.
just a tip.

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Okay, so then maybe you shouldn’t say I’m giving fake info. :roll_eyes:
I merely described my own and my friends ’experiences.
However, I did not claim you were wrong.
I think quite a few users come to us to know if there is a problem, and so far only those who haven’t upgraded to 3.5.x and rather stayed on version 3.3.x they complained. (own experience)
You wouldn’t have to act offensively and then you wouldn’t have such a problem :smiley:

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