TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.6.1 [Beta]

:loudspeaker: A new TS3 Client beta is available

This release focuses on crash fixes for each operating system and 2 chat fixes.

  • We are working on the audio issues (AGC, user make loud noise and chirping noise) and will release another 3.6.x for these.
  • A Windows 32bit client update will be available after the stable release.
=== Client Release 3.6.1 - 24 Jul 2023
- Fix chat being disabled when 'Open channel chat automatically' is enabled
- Fix chat input placeholder becoming normal text
- Fix crash on MacOS with certain virtual sound cards & aggregate devices
- Fix crash on Linux with non-AVX CPUs
- Fix crash on Windows 32bit client
* Please note, we recommend using the 64bit client on Windows 64bit.

To enable beta updates, simply go to Tools → Options → Application and select “Beta” from the update channel drop down.
Once done you can check for updates using Help → Check for Updates to receive the update.

Notes for this thread

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updater is stuck on 99%


We are on it :construction_worker_man:
When it hangs on update.exe then leave the updater running for 3~ minutes.

As temp fix to get the update > Install 3.5.6 and run the update.


This update works perfectly fine so far :slight_smile: thanks guys
Also any idea how long the beta phase is going to take?

The Downgrade helped me. :slight_smile:

I was impatient - did not wait 3 minutes when it was stuck at 99%. I killed the ts3 installation process after one minute. Beta Update 3.6.1 is installed and the client started “normally”, on first sight. Should I downgrade for safety cleanup reasons?

In that case YES.

See changelog


Oh sorry, I can’t believe I didn’t see that thank you very much.

After the downgrade to 3.5.6 and “re-installing” beta 3.6.1, the update process today was as fast as ever - no waiting 3 minutes. Thanks @TS.ChrisR

Yes because patching doesn’t happen from 3.5.6. It’s a full update then.


A fresh TeamSpeak Client build has just been rolled out on our beta channel. Barring any significant issues discovered over the weekend, we anticipate launching the stable version this coming Monday, July 24th. We greatly appreciate your sustained support and invaluable feedback. Thank you!