Teamspeak 3 Client Bug


So yeah… you can set the max Channel Clients to an negativ value.



If u set that value to an negativ, the icon is red but theres no limit on how many people can join.

I forcefully changed the value with “Cheat Engine”.

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I don’t think it’s a bug.

For example, if you have quite a big server and want some channel to allow people to connect to it no matter how many users are in there, you can simply set Max Users value to -1 and don’t need to worry if you happen to expand your server.

Simply put, -1 often means infinite. Any lower does the same.

If I’m not wrong, 0 does the same thing.

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You cannont change the value without any external programs below zero.
If the value is 0 nobody can join exept people with permission to join.
If you want that infinite user can join the channel just select “Unlimited” instead of “Limited” in the channel settings.
Oh yeah and sorry for my bad english.

This is like saying “people playing with cheats got aim it. Pls fix.” If it is not intended and not possible without manipulating the program it is not a bug.

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Thats true. Im sorry i wasnt thinking enough.

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