TeamSpeak 3 for my Inrico T320 on Google PlayStore

Hi all. I’m based in the uk and trying to download the TeamSpeak 3 to my Inrico T320. Everytime i try and download from Google PlayStore, the download is declined. Any ideas on how i can get this on the Inrico from the playstore or any other avenues.

Thanks Sam

I would say it’s not compatible on a handheld radio.

Can you send a Screenshot from the Declined Error?

As far as I know the installation on an Inrico T320 is indeed possible.

Is your device up to date and do you have enough memory?

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I believe it is. I can download all other apps apart from this

Yes and yes

Alright. Could you please show us the error message as Rikku already asked?

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What does this mean? Never heard of that in Google Play Store.


All sorted now. Had to connect up to my mobile phone wifi, turn the normal wifi off on the Inrico, and download the app that way. All up on running now. Had the greatest opportunity of using the app last night. Thanks to all who took their time in replying

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