Teamspeak 3 mic issues

Honestly I really prefer teamspeak over discord, but this issue is starting to really piss me off. Its all to do with my mic settings. My first, and probably main issue, is that teamspeak tampers with and keeps changing my mic volume, and I cant find any way to turn this off. For the mic I have, it doesnt really work that well. Second of all, Idk if this is meant to be a thing, but voice activation for me at least isn’t the best. Sure it picks up my voice and a normal ish level, but if I speak quieter or even just slightly lower, it doesn’t pick it up, and although I know you can manually edit the levels in the playback settings, I just simply cannot find an option for me that wont trigger with super load keyboard typing because my mic is turned up, or will pick up the slightest touch, I just simply cannot find an option in between. Thanks if you read this.

Hi iHade

We do not change the volume of your microphone when your client version is 3.5.x. Whatever it changes is not coming from us. <<<< (This excludes the local test. There you hear it as a user who uses AGC on Playback but the Mic level stays as it was given to TeamSpeak)

In the options under the Capture you can change the level when Voice Activity Detection is enabled and the mode is not Automatic.

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