Teamspeak 3 Notify Plugin SEARCHED!

Hello Teamspeak Community,

Im writing here because i search a new Plugin for a Notifyer.

description of the Plugin: The Plugin should be Poke you if someone is in a choosed Channel as an example:

You are in a Team Room and someone is joining the Holding area for supporters then you get poked by the message someone need help or whatever.

I just find outdated plugins and search new one that is working and i want to ask if someone can write this plugin or can create one.

best wishes Shen

If you’re looking for just a client plugin it does seem they’re all out-of-date:

Quoted in that thread someone made a version with public source-code:

This could be updated to work for API 24. (Assuming it worked previously)

Thank you,did i only need to download these files and need to drop it in my plugins folder or where i get the downloadable exe?

This is the source code for the plugin, I’ve tested it and got it working for now. It’s not perfect but it’ll do what you want for now.

Just place the .dll file & folder in TS3Client/plugins/

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Thank you!

Hi, can you rehost file, please?

Sorry I’ve been extremely AFK, I’ve managed to find the .zip on my PC and have rehosted it for you.

Good to see You online! :smiley: It still will work?

It should do, haven’t had time to check fully but it’s still in my loaded plugins

I’m the creator behind the above linked plugin, it was something I sort of just threw together haphazardly as a temporary solution, I believe it does have a few bugs if I recall correctly. Since people are interested and the old notifier plugin is no longer supported as far as I understand, I will polish my plugin up this week and host the installer with GitHub releases to make it more accessible for everyone.

Since MyTeamSpeak add-ons still aren’t being approved and won’t be for the foreseeable future, that will be the only way to provide it. I’ll make a little forum post when I do.

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