Teamspeak 3 SDK Help

Hi, I’m slightly confused about the usage for the Teamspeak 3 SDK.

I followed TS3 “Hello World” tutorial in an attempt to create a bot that could join my TS3 server.
I have now tried multiple ways, specifying “localhost”, “”, public ip, private IP etc. but I’m always getting “connection_error == ERROR_failed_connection_initialisation” in onConnectStatusChangedEvent.

I’m certain it’s not firewall / port forwarding /etc. issue, my server is running on AlmaLinux 9 and I’m running the compiled program from there. I’m also using the default 9987 port.

Now after reading “Hello World” tutorial again and checking the SDK I see there is “Server SDK” - does my approach even work or does it only work for some kind of TS3 SDK servers (whatever that even means)?

Thanks in advance, hopefully somebody reads this forum. Would love to start developing bots for my server, plugins just won’t suffice since they’re tied to client and I don’t want to be connected to my server 24/7 :smiley:

Exactly. The TeamSpeak 3 SDK is a standalone product that can be used to implement things like in-game voice chats. SDK clients can only connect to SDK servers and the “normal” client can only connect to “normal” servers.

If you want to create a bot for your Server, you can use the Server Query and implement the requests into a bot.

[This is not a server query bot, but can be used to manage the server]
This is primarily a music bot, but you can also use custom scripts

If you wanna use Java, you can use this API:

General guide on how to use the Server Query:

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Ah, thank you. It makes sense now, I have to say that this is not very well documented :smiley:

Thanks to you too! God I was so excited to get working with the C SDK and API, it looked very promising but I’ll dig into this more. I’ll try to connect into that ServerQuery now using boost::Asio and see if that does the trick :slight_smile:

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