Teamspeak 3 Server groups

so i wanted to make Channels for me and my Friend. Lets say for Friend A, B and C. I wanted to make a channel for each Friend but Friend A can only join in his channel and Friend B can only join in his and so on without password. But i dont know how this is gonna function. Can somebody help me out?

Just give the people u want in the channel group channel join?

Friend A gets Channel Admin and Friend B gets a channel group with the permission to skip the channel password.

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Create a channel for each friend and let them join it. If they are only allowed to join their own channel then give them the required join power (optional: ignore max client if the channel is set to 0 “red channel”) in the permission tab --> Channel Client Permission.

What is Channel Client Permission?

Channel Client Permission ensures that only the selected client has the rights in the selected channel. You don’t need to create a separate server group or channel group.

…or you can do it like the other answers above.


Thanks, that helped me a lot! :slight_smile:

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