TeamSpeak 3 Server LINUX - Lags Problem when one user get high PING

Hi people,
sorry for my bad english on start.

I have a problem with my TS3 Server.

When a user starts having connection problems for his own reasons, the teamspeak server starts increasing the ping by increasing the latency to everyone on the server. It only happens when a single user starts having high latency.

Server Specs:
Ubuntu 18.04
8v Core
8GB Ram
240 SSD NVMe
2 Gbps No Limit
Users connected at the same time 30/60 Daily Active
(I know its too much for teamspeak server heheh)

All firewall are perfectly setted.

We connect from italy, server hosted on Central Europe.

Then it seems to me that Average Ping of the server makes an average of the MS of all those connected in the server. Am I saying something wrong?

Any idea about the problem?
Image example about the problem.

As you can see… when this 2 users start LAG they increase the server Ping

Thanks for help!

You are right.The average ping is the ping of all users together.
The value has nothing to do with the server.

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Thanks …
Any idea about this server problem?

Well, did you notice yourself that the server is lagging? - The average ping has nothing to do with the real latency.

if you don’t want users be able to see the ping -> uncheck the permission b_virtualserver_connectioninfo_view

Yeah i know that…
I wanna only know when one user start LAG… all people on teamspeak start lag haha
Sometimes happen when someone start have over 1k PING and other people crash… no sense

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