Teamspeak 3 Server

Hello, I need help / I have a question. How do I make sure that when someone connects to a room on a server, it sends a notification to a particular user or something? Thanks


You can use Host message which is sended to all users when they join server or for notification on join to specific channel, you have to use some bot.
For example Sinusbot or query bot like JTS3 Server Mod

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Oh hello, no. I need: User connect to room e.g. waiting room, and then automaticly send message to admin user (e.g owner, support).

Yes, this is not possible natively. You will need a bot like sinus or to do this.

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You can use sinusbot with some plugin like this or JTS3 Server Mod with native function Channel Notify.

I would recommend doing this using the telnet or ssh query, since the webquery doesn’t support events (yet). And constantly quering users in a channel is very inefficient and resource consuming

You can help me with a plugin or some information, how can I make teamspeack send messages to new people with Welcome etc.

If you need a bot or script for your server, I can recommend Sinusbot or the JTS3ServerMod.

If you want to write messages yourself, you would probably have to write a plugin for it yourself, since I don’t know of one for a current version.

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