TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta24

A new beta version of the client was just released.

  • The updater for next update to beta25 should work now when user or program path had a non-ASCII character included
  • We added a ||spoiler|| tag for chats and added them into the context menu when selecting text in the input field

##### Update 5.0.0-beta.24

* Updates should now be applied correctly when non-ASCII characters are found in paths
* Fix for a shutdown crash on OSX
* Context menu for free servers no longer displayed when no servers exist
* Server banner will now be reloaded after gfx interval expires
* Ban timer should now display the correct time remaining for longer bans
* Improvements to mentions (@ syntax) and a new ||spoiler|| tags feature
* Passwords are now saved for free servers
* Various minor improvements for code block formatting
* Accepting a group invite will no longer play an error sound

Known for us

  • The behavior of rich text editor will be changed in one of the next beta updates

I can’t download it, I’m on beta 19 and since I am, everytime I check for updates it doesn’t find any.

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We’re just uploading the installer again - will update here when that’s done. For those of you stuck on beta 19, you’ll want to reinstall from the website and then it should hopefully be fixed :+1:

Everyone else can just update as normal!


Okay, thanks very much :+1:

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As soon as I get home I will check for the updates. :facepunch::sunglasses:

Update: The installers on the website should now have been updated, so those of you who had ‘stuck’ updates can login and re-install (@MLS).

You only need to do this if you were still on beta 19 and couldn’t update!


Where to get beta badge code? I know there sometimes where shared on Facebook and Tweeter

I downloaded the new Installer and I think I’m on the right version, but it still says “beta 19” on the Build

There are, or should I say, were three ways:
Sign in to beta (Unavailable).
Get a code from someone who got Beta codes and is willing to share one (Don’t buy them! Why you should pay when someone have these for free).
Follow TeamSpeak on facebook and twitter and count on your luck (Codes are one-time use so you need to be fast!).

Additionally, if you signed for beta and haven’t received your codes, you should contact Support.

Hmm, please close TeamSpeak, uninstall the old one, reinstall, see if that helps. Looks like you have the old executable.


Yes, this time it is good ! Thank you very much for your time and your help :smiley:

With the Spoiler tag, upon revealing the spoiler hovering over the text will still show the small toast window but re-clicking does not re-hide the text. Is the toast window meant to stay there after reveal?


No, it should not show any longer when revealed.
That’s on our todo for the next beta.



i have some Problems with the Beta 24.
I can´t connect to a Server doesnt work anymore.
With the TS3 Client everything is working.
What can i do?


had to reinstall the program all together and it worked issue updating to beta 24 from beta 23 it kept doing install loop


Thanks for this good feature in Teamspeak5


@prochance very cool Don.

However, something I haven’t updated for a long Time. Teamspeak

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