TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta31

A new update for our closed TS beta was released.

These are the bug fixes and changes which made it into this version.

Update 5.0.0-beta31


  • Fix issues causing own presence status showing the wrong state
  • Fix switch to channel chat button not working in all cases
  • Update favorite contact / room indicator
  • Remove image preview for server chat, as image sending is not supported on server chats
  • Remove standard permission level for permission levels where it does not make sense
  • Limit notifications
  • Update contact avatars on client launch
  • Fix pinned messages not showing parsed content
  • Add support for drag and drop of files into the chat window (non server chats)
  • Fix settings category headers not fitting into the window in slim mode
  • Fix incoming chat messages not opening activity
  • Fix channel being ignored in share server
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

Any feedback about this release is welcome :smiley:


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I can’t find the room icon settings anywhere, or It was not? It’s very frustrating that the room icons are at a stupid angle, they don’t look right.

The beta is closed right now, I hope they will open Beta again.

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I’ve noticed a problem since this update. On the dashboard the “My Server” section on the left is missing so I cannot find and connect to the free TS server there.

Only way I can connect to it is in the recent connections on the main dashboard screen. If I was to accidentally clear the recent connections on the dashboard I don’t see how I would connect to the server then. Also when I click on the file menu everything is greyed out bar the settings as seen in the 2nd image.

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These servers got removed from the bookmark list. This is intended.

I will forward the second issue.
Edit: At this moment these menu points are WIP. This is why these entries are greyed out.


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Is it normal that the changelog for Beta31 is no longer displayed in the client?

Even if I click on “Show more” only the previous changelogs are shown.

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Looks fine here.
This can happen when a file that needed to be updated got blocked and could not be overwritten.

You could try to install the client again via installer and update then.


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is it intended that i only can join with ts3 client on the free server?
ts5 beta 31 cant even see or join it. or is there a way to join free server with ts5 beta if it is not in recent list? otherwise i would have to use ts3 again :frowning:

The free server have been temporarily closed as staff team mentioned. They will open again in later time.
As about the joining options, after client version 3.5.3 you are able to join the test servers.

but whats the reason from stopping ts5 to join the free servers? lol

As @Alligatoras said, they are shutting down the servers, presumably only temporarily, and thus disabled the option to see it in TS5.
You still can see it in TS3 as they can not quickly disable your bookmarks partially.
You only can still connect via TS3 as they didn’t shut the server down yet.
They probably didn’t expect beta users to still use TS3…

Keep up the good work. It’s nice to see updates like that coming in faster and faster the fixes for the chat was amazing and channel sharing

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